Meat-Free Monday with Quorn

I’m not a vegetarian, and I don’t think I ever will be. I was brought up in a family that has meat or fish every day, and I think I take too much pleasure in eating things like smoked salmon and burgers to give them up completely. I would often feel like I’m missing out on some of my favourite things in life, you know? Going vegetarian would be a huge change – but that doesn’t mean I couldn’t commit to a smaller change to my diet.
I recently went to a cooking event organised by Quorn which got me thinking about giving up meat one day week. I mean, why not? It would be easy enough to do! I think I could even go vegetarian for several days a week if I didn’t have to cook for the oh-so-demanding boyfriend! 
Why do this? Well, if we all started doing meat free Mondays it would make a huge difference, both to the environment and to our health. It could even save us money! If you want to know the details of the impact this could have, read all about it on the official website – there are some pretty amazing stats.
In fact, having just one World Meat Free Day would make an enormous difference. It would save 885 million calories and reduce enough CO2 emissions to drive around the world 2,438 times! Surely we can all make a small effort just for one day (or more) to do some good to the planet?

Okay, so now that I have got my message across – let me show you what went on at the Quorn blogger event at the Underground Cookery School! Food, wine, and bloggers…

As you can see, we all rolled up our sleeves, put some aprons on and got cooking (glass of wine in hand). The chefs at the Underground Cookery School really know their stuff – they taught us how to make a delicious Quorn Thai Green Curry, a BBQ pulled Quorn bun, and the most amazing chocolate torte ever! The great thing about Quorn is that it can take on any flavour, so as long as you’ve got some good seasoning or a tasty sauce to go with it you won’t notice it’s not meat. I’ve used Quorn Mince in bolognese before, and even my boyfriend didn’t miss the meat. It’s really versatile and it’s a good source of healthy protein, so I’ll be trying out more recipes using Quorn very soon!

World Meat Free Day is on Monday the 15th of June. Will you be taking part?
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  • Leyla Preston
    March 14, 2016

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