Best Essie Nail Polish Colours

essie dark red polish
I really don’t like my nails (first world problems, right?). What I mean is that when they are nail polish-free I just find them quite ugly – is it just me? (I’m even weirder about feet!) Anyway, that’s why nail polish is so important to me. It needs to last, because I don’t have the time to reapply every day, and it’s also an accessory that will complement my outfits, just like rings or a nice necklace. The colours I wear change with along with trends and seasons, although I do have a few favourites that I keep going back to.
I’m a huge fan of Essie nail polish. It applies smoothly, doesn’t chip (if you use a good base and top coat), and the selection of colours is always perfect. Looking for a great nude? a dark grey? a discrete metallic? the perfect red? Essie will have it. They also come up with some great limited edition collections for every season, just in case you get bored of their permanent colour selection.
If you have never tried Essie nail polish, let me suggest some of my favourite colours. I like to think that these are neutral without being boring. From left to right:
  • Sole Mate: A bit like the famous Rouge Noir by Chanel, this shade is a very dark red that I think will look good on just about anyone and go with any outfit.
  • Over The Edge: While I never usually wear metallic or sparkly nail polish during the daytime, this dark silver shade is understated yet oozes cool.
  • Smokin’ Hot: Part of Essie’s Greige collection, this shade ends up looking darker than you’d expect. Grey is unexpectedly chic and looks great with everything.
  • Angora Cardi: A more neutral shade, this is perfect for when I want my nails to be discrete, like when I know I’m going to have an important meeting at work. Classy but not distracting!
What are your go-to nail polish shades?
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Best Essie Nail Polish Colours