Review: Parade at the Chamaeleon Theatre, Berlin

Back in the summer I received an email inviting me to Berlin to watch the all new PARADE show at the CHAMÄLEON Theatre. Needless to say, I hopped, skipped and jumped at the opportunity. It’s not every day that you get to spend a weekend in one of Europe’s coolest cities and at the same time get to see one of its most unique shows.

CHAMÄLEON is a small theatre located in the heart of Berlin. It puts on two shows a year and focuses on contemporary circus which includes acrobatics, dance, live music and sometimes even singing. I was lucky enough to chat with a couple of people who work there and I could immediately tell that they are incredibly passionate about what they do!

The stage itself is in a beautiful historic ballroom in the Art Nouveau building of Hackesche Höfe. It’s quite an intimate venue with small tables and table service. Sitting at our table (sipping on a gin & tonic) I felt much closer to the performers than I ever do at many of London’s big West End theatres.

The show itself was really impressive. PARADE blends comedy with acrobatics, dance and music. The performers, who come from all over the world and met for the first time this summer, have great chemistry and work together well to achieve amazing acrobatic feats.

It’s incredible what the human body can do. One of the performers, Beata Surmiak from Poland, was particularly impressive and really was the star of the show! She was incredibly strong and could balance her whole body on one hand, on a guys head! I was blown away by her skills.

The show also featured live video animations controlled by the artists in real time in front of the audience, and a great soundtrack of electronic music, pop songs, and live percussion. This made the show even more dynamic and immersive.

Patiently waiting for my G&T before the show starts

Overall, I found the show really enjoyable, impressive, funny and full of surprises! I’d recommend an evening at the CHAMÄLEON Theatre to anyone visiting Berlin. It’s something a bit different that you won’t find elsewhere!

I was a guest of the CHAMÄLEON Theatre however my enthusiasm for PARADE is 100% genuine!

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Review: Parade at the Chamaeleon Theatre, Berlin