Exploring Icelandic Waterfalls in Reykjavik

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With a couple of spare hours in between visiting family in Reykjavik, my father and I headed to Elliðaárdalur, which is a quick drive away from the centre of town. It’s a sort of park/forest with a river running through it and a couple of small but lovely waterfalls.

iceland waterfall reykjavik
elidaardalur reykjavik lupins

We had such a great time exploring Elliðaárdalur and taking pictures in the waterfalls and and the lupin flowers! It rained most of the time we were there but that didn’t stop us. This is what’s amazing about Iceland; the weather is often bad but the country is so beautiful that it really doesn’t matter how cold, windy or rainy it is. You kind of always expect the worst weather so when you get a bit of sunshine you appreciate it so much more.

elidaardalur reykjavik
lupins iceland

Lo & Sons Camera Bag

A few years ago, after typing “stylish camera bag” several times into Google and not finding anything good, I resorted to buying the most generic, boring black nylon camera bag. Whenever people would take pictures of me on my travels I would hide the bag where it wouldn’t be seen – it was a bit of an eyesore!

Naturally, I was thrilled when Lo & Sons got in touch to ask if I’d like to try out their Claremont bag. This trip to Iceland was my first time trying out the camera bag they kindly sent me.

lo sons claremont bag

If you’re looking for a camera bag for your DSLR, I highly recommend this one. I carried it in the rain, jumped on rocks across the river, and wasn’t worried about my camera at all. The leather seems really sturdy! It’s stylish enough that people don’t even know it’s made to carry a camera. It has two little compartments for SD memory cards and one little zip at the back where you can keep your travel card/passport/phone. The inside is padded and is designed to fit a camera and a spare lens.

lo and sons bag
lo sons claremont bag
lo & sons camera bag

reykjavik waterfall

Do you carry a DSLR with you on your travels? or are you an iPhone photographer?

Many thanks to Lo & Sons for sending me the Claremont bag.
Love of waterfalls and stylish bags is entirely my own!

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