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Saturday at Salernes Market in Provence

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After showing you around Saint Tropez, I think I need to share a slightly less glamorous but just as charming side of the region of Provence, in the South of France. As I’ve mentioned, when I was little I spent many of my summers in the region (and didn’t appreciate it enough!) and it’s always a treat to go back. Salernes is a small town that I’ve been to many times for its lively Saturday market. It’s the perfect place to stock up on fresh fruit and vegetables from local farmers, get a delicious roast chicken for lunch, and have a refreshing drink amongst the locals in the main square. I couldn’t resist snapping away at the lovely market stalls.

olives-market-franceAn olive lover’s paradise… they come in every colour, size, and flavour.

wicker-baskets-provenceI still regret not buying this mini whicker bag for 7€!

savon-marseilleHow amazing is this traditional soap from Marseille?

salernes-market-provenceIt’s such a treat to eat beautiful fresh local produce. Those tomatoes!

sumac-spice-marketMy favourite market stall is the spice seller’s though…

spices-french-marketFrom a mix of five different types of pepper, to beautiful dried rose petals…

spices-france-market…this guy has it all!

herbes-provence-spicesThe local favourite: traditional herbes de provence – a blend of different dried herbs from the region including thyme, rosemary, and sage.

salernes-market-provenceIt’s tradition to sit down for a drink on the town square after you’ve done all your shopping.


tarte-pignons-franceIn the window of a bakery: the local Pignons tart made of pine nuts and almond powder is always tempting.

white-dress-red-bag-outfitI went for a little white dress, perfect for the 35 degree heat.


What I wore:

White cutout back Forever 21 dress (similar here & here), red Gucci bag, round H&M sunglasses, and black leather sandals.

Have you ever visited Provence?

Have a look at Allison’s blog for 6 beautiful villages in Provence!

How to Spend a Day in Saint Tropez

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Saint Tropez

I’ve been to Saint Tropez many times, but never for more than a day. It’s such a perfect place for a day trip if you’re on vacation in Provence: it’s small enough so that you can see everything in one day, but big enough to keep you entertained. You may have seen from my previous post that St Trop’ is an absolutely gorgeous little town, and there’s lots of choice when it comes to cafés, restaurants, and shops. Over the years, my family has come to favour a few places which I’ll be sharing with you today!

But first, a top tip for travelling to St Tropez: get on a ferry from Nice, Saint Raphael or Sainte Maxime to avoid getting stuck in the crazy traffic jams around Saint Tropez. Okay, now that that’s sorted – on to the good stuff.



Senequier is a bit of an institution in St Tropez. Brigitte Bardot made it famous in the fifties, and more recently it’s seen celebrities like Kate Moss stop by for a drink. It was also used to sit front row fashion editors at Chanel’s 2011 Cruise collection fashion show – no big deal! Its menu is one of the most overpriced I’ve ever seen, but it’s worth getting a drink there just so that you can admire the harbour and watch new superyachts coming in. If you’re lucky you’ll even spot Cara Delevigne hopping onto a boat like my parents did last year!

Best for: people watching.

Where: Quai Jean Jaurès, right by the harbour.

Dior des Lices


Dior des Lices is a lovely, quiet café in the elegant garden of the Saint Tropez Dior shop. It’s such a lovely setting, great if you want to cool down in the shade with a cold drink. Although I haven’t tried the food, the menu looks fresh and delicious – I really want to try the choux with Dior letters on them next time!

Best for: a sit down after shopping.

Where: 13 rue François Sibilli

La Tarte Tropézienne


You can’t go to Saint Tropez without paying a visit to La Tarte Tropézienne! This bakery which opened in 1955 created the town’s most famous dessert: a brioche with a cream filling. They say that it was Brigitte Bardot who encouraged the owner of the shop to name the dessert properly, and that’s how the ‘tarte tropezienne’ was born. Last summer they collaborated with one of France’s coolest ladies, Inès de la Fressange, to create a cute & chic box design.

Best for: an afternoon snack.

Where: Place des Lices, although there are several shops in the French Riviera.

La Ponche


La Ponche is a charming little 4 star hotel by a tiny beach, and its restaurant is really worth a visit. If you like seafood, you can choose from a variety of freshly caught wild fish. I went for the red mullet on a bed of pesto courgetti while my Mum chose to have a whole grilled seabass. For dessert, I recommend the homemade ice cream (strawberry and rose were delicious) or you can go for the ‘café gourmand’ pictured here, with a mini assortment of their best desserts.

Best for: sea views, impeccable service, fresh seafood.

Where: 3, rue des Remparts

My Mum and I always have a great time visiting Saint Tropez for a day, shopping and enjoying the sun. I’m hoping that this quick guide will either inspire you to go there or help you to plan your upcoming trip!

Quick Guide: How to Spend a Day in Saint Tropez, France

Have you ever been to Saint Tropez?

Exploring Saint Tropez

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Untitled design (18)

Welcome to St-Trop’

A couple of weeks ago I flew over to the South of France to spend a few days with my Mum. We stayed at our family summer house in a tiny village which is conveniently located to allow day trips to some of the loveliest places along the French Riviera. My favourite place to spend a summer day in is Saint Tropez, a village that since the sixties has become a popular destination for huge yachts and celebs. It has the perfect combination of luxurious hotels, charming little streets, beautiful beaches and famous clubs. I just love wandering around the harbour, people-watching, and checking out some of the fashion boutiques dotted along the colourful streets.

Saint Tropez always makes me think of Brigitte Bardot, who was partly responsible for transforming it from a fishing village frequented by artists into a glamorous celebrity destination. That’s why I thought a bardot top would be more than appropriate, and her love of headbands also inspired me to try a new hairstyle. What do you think of this look? I love the sixties vibe and it was great in the heat but I think that wearing my hair down is more flattering!

I’m preparing a short guide to Saint Tropez for you guys, so get ready for even more photos!


Topshop bardot top, Urban Outfitters button front skirt, Dune wedges (similar here and here), vintage Céline scarf, H&M sunglasses and Gucci bag.


A Girl’s Weekend Guide to Paris

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As you may have noticed from looking at my Instagram photos or my Paris photo diary, I absolutely loved my recent trip to Paris. It renewed my love for the city and I discovered so many great places that I had never heard of before. It goes without saying that I’m going to share all of these shops, bars, and eateries with you guys!


I think most girls planning a trip to Paris think about doing some shopping there (am I right?). The thing is, unless you know where to look, you’ll probably end up wandering around Topshop or H&M, just like you would in London or any other European city (granted, on the lovely Champs Elysées). These are my top addresses that you won’t find anywhere else:

  • Mad Vintage – two locations, including 139, rue Saint-Martin
Right in front of the museum, this store has a fantastic stock of great vintage finds. I bought a suede mini skirt (because I’m loving suede for this season!) and I was super tempted to get a big red hat. I wanted to stay longer and hunt for more retro items but the boyfriend got impatient! Go there for wearable retro clothes in good condition for very reasonable prices. They have a huge selection of denim shorts.
  • Sandro Outlet Boutique – 26, rue de Sévigné
I’m sure many of you have heard of Sandro already. It’s my favourite for elegant party dresses – think lots of lace and LBDs like my NYE dress. The parisian brand also creates great casual wear, like awesome accessories and sweatshirts. This particular address is for their outlet boutique: it looks like a normal shop, but the prices are a fraction of what you would normally pay. I got my graduation dress (pictured above right) for 38€ instead of 215€!
  • St-Ouen Flea Market
When we decided to go to this market in the North of Paris, we were hoping to find some retro 60s furniture for our flat. The truth is, this market is so well known that the prices are mostly way too expensive for us – no bargains to be had! However I think it still deserves a mention because I found some lovely costume jewellery from a workshop that closed down in the 80s.

Food and Drink

Of course, there will always be the cute old street corner cafés and creperies, but Paris has a lot more to offer! I’m sure I haven’t even discovered the best of it, but these are my top recommendations for delicious food and drink in Paris.
  • Eclair de Génie – four locations, including 14, rue Pavée
The best éclairs EVER!! These are so incredibly good that I ate some twice in the space of three days. I tried the salted caramel éclair and the caramel and milk chocolate one, and both were amazing. We also had some of their chocolates filled with caramel, and they were absolutely delicious – not even exaggerating! They come up with seasonal flavours all the time as well, so there’s something new for you to try every time you go to Paris.
  • Ciel de Paris – 33 Avenue du Maine
Ciel de Paris or ‘sky of Paris’ is the best place to really take in the whole city and admire the Eiffel Tower from afar. We reserved a table for two in advance and were lucky enough to be seated by the windows overlooking all of Paris. The drinks are pretty pricey, but hey you’re paying for the view! We shared a bottle of champagne and sat there for a good two hours – a wonderful moment.
  • Le Relais de Venise – 271 Boulevard Pereire
Although they have now opened a few restaurants in London and one in New York, I think it’s still worth going to this charming restaurant (also known as L’Entrecote) when you’re in Paris. The starter is a salad, and the main is steak and french fries with a famous secret steak sauce. You don’t get to choose your food until dessert, but that’s part of the charm!

Next time I visit Paris I think I’ll have to try Angelina, a famous tea room with amazing-looking cakes, and Popelini for more cute pastries! You guessed it – travelling with me involves a lot of eating! For vintage, I’d like to check out Free’p’star which is supposed to be great. Stay tuned!

If you’re looking for more tips, check out Rashmi’s guide to Paris for first timers.

Do you have any favourite places in Paris?

Paris Photo Diary

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I’ve been planning to share some photos of my trip to Paris for a while! You may have seen some on Instagram already – these are from February, when I went on a romantic long weekend across the Channel with my boyfriend. We stayed right in the middle of Saint-Germain-des-Prés in a friend’s spare flat, and it wasn’t until we got there that we realised how perfect the location was. The neighbourhood is full of art galleries and famous old cafés, including an adorable little Ladurée shop right around the corner. We barely took the metro and spent hours walking along the Seine and across the Pont des Arts (the one with all the lovers’ padlocks) towards the lovely neighbourhood of the Marais.

This is what the Eiffel Tower looks like from underneath!

The reason why we chose to go to Paris that weekend is actually because Chris wanted to see Wales play against France in rugby at the Stade de France. Now I’m not a huge fan of the sport but it was pretty cool to see the stadium packed with rugby fans, and the rest of the weekend was mostly spent doing what I enjoy: eating and shopping. We found some really great places that I need to share with you, but I’ll save those for another post!

What are your best tips for Paris?