Sóley Organics Review: Natural Icelandic Skincare

Soley Organics Skincare

Running through the Icelandic countryside, feeling the moss under my feet and the fresh wind on my face, is one of the best feelings ever. There’s something about being far away from civilisation, surrounded by nothing but moss, rocks, sea, and birds, that is incredibly exhilarating and invigorating.

icelandic herbs

Iceland doesn’t have many trees or shrubs, but the moss can be very colourful.

Having spent a lot of time exploring the Icelandic countryside, it’s a pleasure to introduce Sóley Organics to you. Their products are made using all-natural organic ingredients and no nasty stuff whatsoever, and they are made in Iceland using renewable geothermal energy. Sóley Elíasdóttir started the brand in 2007, continuing an old family tradition of harnessing the natural properties of wild, hand-picked Icelandic herbs.

icelandic sheep

Icelandic sheep are usually free to roam around the countryside and often end up on the road.

GRÆÐIR is Sóley Organics’ star product. Made using an old family recipe of wild herbs and beeswax, this healing cream can be used to care for all sorts of skin conditions, from dry skin and eczema to diaper rash. It’s also available as a shampoo, which is great if you have any kind of scalp irritation, skin condition or just dry skin. For damaged hair, try lind shampó: with healing wild herbs and grapefruit, it helps to make hair stronger and healthier. Another popular product is eyGLÓ. Made with evening primrose, wild herbs and coconut oil, this concentrated moisturiser leaves skin feeling soft and hydrated. For quick moisture and toning, use nærð: a refreshing, hydrating spray that keeps pores clean and clear thanks to herbs and orange blossom.

icelandic eider duck nest

Icelandic Eider ducks pluck feathers from their chests to make warm nests.

I’ve been loving the nærð spray to wake me up in the morning. It feels fresh and light on my skin. I love GRÆÐIR for any sore or dry spots on my face. I apply it before going to bed and my skin feels much better in the morning. I find the eyGLÓ moisturiser to be very thick, so I only use it as a night cream. It is definitely very hydrating so I recommend it for anyone with dry skin. The smell is lovely, you can really tell that it’s made with herbs. It feels great to be using natural organic products!

iceland Thingvellir national park

The photos are all from my tips to the Icelandic countryside. I have so many more I could share with you; Iceland is so beautiful!

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