Day Trip to Canterbury


This day started with Chris wanting to surprise me. I knew we were getting a train to somewhere, but he wouldn’t let me see what our tickets said. I got on the train still not knowing where we were going (so trusting, huh?) but after a few minutes the overly helpful ticket man decided to explain to us how to get to our destination: “Canterbury? You’ll need to change at the next stop and go to platform 4B” – so that’s where the surprise was ruined.

Still, I had never been to Canterbury before so I was surprised by how lovely the town is. It’s full of history and beautiful architecture from the 16th century. It also does a pretty good brunch.


I couldn’t think of a more perfect way to start the day: smoked salmon, poached eggs, and avocado on brown bread. Healthy, filling, and so delicious! We went to KITCH, a cute little cafe¬†with marble tables and mismatched china. I mean, just look at this:

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The menu was full of superfoods and gluten free and vegan options. The boyfriend even enjoyed a bit of spinach with his full english! Don’t worry, there were lots of yummy-looking cakes by the counter as well – I need to try that carrot cake next time.


After brunch, we had a wander around the town, watched a man make some fudge, and saw the most crooked house I have ever come across. We finished off the day by walking along the canal and watching little boats go by.


I just couldn’t resist taking pictures in front of this cute little arch!


Have you ever been to Canterbury? Can you recommend any nice places?

If you haven’t been yet, I highly recommend it for a day trip!

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