London: 3 Dates in a Day

Okay, so I know that Valentine’s Day is not everyone’s cup of tea. It’s seen by many as being just another commercial holiday, a way for retailers to get more money out of their customers. While I do hate to see thousands of hearts appear all over London’s shop windows, I still think that V-day can be special, exciting, and romantic. It’s kind of like Christmas – an excuse to make your loved ones feel special and really make the most of your day.

This year was actually the first time that I’ve ever had a Valentine, so it was pretty special. After 11 months together, Chris and I decided to spend the entire day doing exciting things together. He organised the evening’s activities, while I found us something to do during the day. As a result, we both had surprises to look forward to!

I started the day off by making Chris a huge English Breakfast, which he described as being “fit for a king”. Following a bit of last-minute inspiration from YPlan, we hopped on a tube to Bank and then walked to Proud Cabaret. I had bought us tickets to watch a burlesque show for the first time. The show was equal parts sexy and funny, so great for a date! Okay, so I would definitely not recommend this for a first date, but it’s something fun and unusual to do as a couple. Cocktails and artificial smoke all add to the vintage atmosphere. Just try not to look too surprised when your waitress shows up wearing nothing but red lingerie!

Next, we went for a complete change of scene at the British Museum. Chris had never been there before but I knew he would love to see the Great Court space inside the building. This is a good place to take someone who enjoys architecture!

We wandered around the beautiful rooms on the ground floor, admiring the museum’s huge collection of artefacts from all over the world. This was not what we were there for, though! I had booked us a table at the lovely Great Court Restaurant for a classic afternoon tea.

If I’m honest, this was not one of the best afternoon teas I’ve ever had, but we enjoyed it nonetheless. The setting was beautiful, the service was good, and how pretty are the teacups? Even better with some flowering jasmine tea! It was the perfect way to spend a lazy afternoon.

Next stop (after going home for a change of clothes) was Champagne + Fromage in Covent Garden, where Chris had booked us a table. The shop is small and has a romantic atmosphere, with candles on tables in cosy corners, giving couples a little privacy. As its name indicates, it has a really good selection of French cheeses and champagne. 
As both of us are big fans of French cheeses, we went for a cheese platter together with a charcuterie platter (followed by another cheese platter – so greedy). The best thing about Champagne + Fromage is that the lovely French ladies running the place can recommend cheeses and champagnes that go together and that suit your tastes, and you can also go up to the counter and point at the cheese you want to try. Next time we visit we’ll have to try their hot dishes. What’s not to like about a baked camembert?

Going on three special dates in one day made for one very happy couple. We even finished the day off at Radio Rooftop Bar to take in the view of the Thames and have one last drink. 
What would be your idea of a perfect romantic day?
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London: 3 Dates in a Day