Review: Essie Prep’n’protect Base Coat and Top Coat

I’m not a huge beauty person, but once in a while I do come across a product that I really enjoy. I’ve decided to share reviews of my favourite products with my readers once or twice a month. So here’s my first review: Essie’s Prep’n’Protect base coat and top coat.

I’m actually a big Essie fan and I own many of their nail polish colours, but until recently I wore them with no base coat or top coat (gasp!). I loved the colours and they looked great for a few days but often got chipped quite quickly. Then I got this Essie Prep’n’Protect set which includes the Grow Stronger base coat and the Good To Go top coat, and I realised what I had been missing all along!

Now my nail polish lasts twice as long now and it pretty much never chips, which is amazing. The top coat also sets your nails very fast so that you don’t have to wait for your nail polish to dry.

What are your favourite base coats and top coats?
Happy New Year!
Review: Essie Prep’n’protect Base Coat and Top Coat